Air-cooled bainite steel


      Hong-Kang bainite steel is a new generation technology and product belonging to novel air-cooled bainite steel which was researched firstly by Professor Hongsheng Fang and Professor Yankang Zheng who were teachers of Tsinghua University. The air-cooled bainite steel has the following unique advantages:

      (1) self-hardening of air cooling after hot working without quenching or quenching and tempering;

      (2) good combination of strength with toughness;

      (3) low production cost;

      (4) low consumption of energy resources;

      (5) no contradictions between mechanical properties and processing properties, such as strength and toughness, strength and weldability, processing properties and application properties of product, etc.

      Consequently, air-cooled bainite steels have wide applications and bright prospect.

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