Life Science More...

Mass polymerization and particle filter out process for... 01110278
Radio system and device for sampling image in biology b... 200710177086
Bionic anklebone 200710178138
Use of serum beta 2-glucoprotein I functional peptide s... 200410006396
Method for preparation of repairing porous frame used f... 00105637
Manufacture of porous holder for repairing tissue and o... 00105638
Medicine for treating AIDS and its preparing method 00123483
Preparation method of liposome with high encapsulating ... 200410096075
Human body composition detecting method 200410033769

Biology More...

Process for preparing phenolic resin hollow fibre film ... 02100265
Carboplatin precursor liposome injection and preparing ... 02100554
Method for obtaining secondary metabolism product of br... 02116242
Rare earth nano particle for biological material label ... 01109551
Biological electro-machinal chip and application thereo... 01111111
Method of preparing oil-phase oral insulin preparation 01115327
Microscopic single cell sample cutting method and syste... 01123502
Transcription factor from prunella asiatica, gene codin... 01123827
Method of detecting biomolecule with high sensitivity 01141417

Nano More...

Method for synthesizing zirconium oxide nano wire 02100261
Process for directly synthesizing ultra-long single-wal... 02100684
Process for synthesizing nano linear carbon array 02104179
Nano-class conversion fluorescence material on fluoride... 02116679
Method of utilizing external force to crush, wash and p... 02117419
Process for preparing nm-class calcium carbonate 01103944
Surface nano modifying method for micrometer granule 01104496
Method for producing high brightness wide view angle fr... 01115478
High brightness wide view angle free scale nanometer ty... 01115479

Materials More...

Low pressure combustion process of synthesizing alpha-p... 02100183
Organic electroluminescent material 02100371
Alkyl cyclohexyl alkyne type liquid crystal and its pro... 02100499
Photochromic diaryl ethylene compound and its prepn and... 02100500
Bipyridine diaryl ethylene compounds and preparation an... 02100682
Lysotropic-photodiscolour diaryl ethylene and preparati... 02100683
Process for preparing Fe-series catalyst used to synthe... 02100709
Process for preparing spherical V2O5 and lithium vanada... 02116311
Electroluminescent organic material and its application... 02116538

Energy More...

Layer inflation compression combustion method and devic... 02100259
Indirectly evaporating cold supply method and device 02100431
Air-water heat exchanger by countercurrent to make temp... 02100432
Ice channel for storing cold and heat exchanger integra... 02117332
Combustion apparatus with cross-section variable circul... 01109051
Heat pump air conditioners suitable for cold area 01109633
Lithium bromide absorption type refrigerator suitable f... 01115340
A circulating fluidized bed process for cleaning fume b... 01115484
Substitute refrigerant for freon-12 centrifugal cold wa... 01120436

Environment More...

Stuffing-throwing fluidized bed membrane bioreactor and... 02104180
Process for treating sewage with zeolite filler in aera... 02116307
Rarefied-burning automobile exhaust gas catalyzing and ... 02117084
Integrated liquid column spraying fume desulfurizing an... 01109634
Method and apparatus for reducing exhaustion of nitroge... 01118155
Membrane distillation type water treating apparatus usi... 01120437
Electric disk-style deionizing water purifier 200520022937
Electric deionization method used for recovering noble ... 200710063290
Method for preparing soft water by electro-deionization... 97116340

IT & C More...

Rapid sub-pixel motion estimation method based on predi... 200410000741
Over-all wiring method for standard units based on opti... 02100354
High speed routing search system based on content addre... 02100458
Center type radio telecommunicaltion system for Ether l... 02100710
Network bandwidth adaptive multimedia transmission syst... 02103433
Reactive power measuring method based on digital filter... 02116443
Digital measuring method of frequency and phase 02116885
Onhook/offhook controller for intelligent telephone 02117003
Queue management method for message forwarding system 02117077

Electronic & Automation More...

Ultrasonic micro-motor with piezo column of electric co... 02100687
Plume type ultrasonic motor drive power supply with wid... 02104182
Photoelectric torque sensor for vehicle 02116308
Voltage compensating method of serially connected elect... 02117082
Process for treating substrate of epitaxial chip for hi... 02117329
Alignment method of array optical probe scanning integr... 03153502
Miniature navigation system based on micro electromecha... 01110135
Single layer organic electroluminescent device and its ... 01115563
Drive method and circuit for organic electroluminescent... 01115644

Optics More...

Bragg grating with new sampling structure for compensat... 02103383
Lens of biochip scanning-detecting system 01115426
Tumble angle measuring method and measurer 01130893
Optical add drop filter 01821770
Optical system with aberration correcting lens for opti... 01136039
Gradient field fluorescence correlation spectrometer 01142027
Light add and drop multiplexer for multi-wave length ad... 01136574
Frequency-stabilizing device of fiber-optical grating e... 01136575
Optical fiber grating tuner 01136576

Agriculture More...

Method for pointed prop type high effectively preservin... 200310115185
Preservation of carved or processed fresh vegetables an... 200510066434
Method for preparing ultrafine activated phosphorusore ... 200610113874
Log multiple-faced radiation quarantine inspection proc... 02121445
Apparatus for processing grain using microwave energy 200610000811
Method for preventing aloe from oxidizing brownstain du... 200610113686
Method for preventing Chinese yam from oxidizing brown ... 200610113688
Method and apparatus for separating acetyl methamidopho... 200610113741

Mechanics & Manufacture More...

Integrated vehicle with mobile power station for specia... 02116680
Variable magnetic force adsorbing unit for wall clampin... 02117080
Miniature pendulum internal combustion engine with vari... 02117081
Self-cleaning gas-liquid reactor with three-phase spray... 02117348
Bidirectionally rotational ultrasonic motor with multip... 01144190
Three-dimension self-support swing type high-precision ... 01144192
Articulation coxae driving structure device for anthrop... 01144583
Ankle joint driving structure device for anthropomorphi... 01144584
Sliding type ball-shaped hinge 200710163212

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