Coway Licensing Team starts up online patent database Patent License of China in this spring

2008/4 Patent License of China

We are pleased to announce that Patent License of China (PLC), an online patent platform with thousand China patents, has been put into use recently. Now the online PLC database is incredibly free to the public with an open patent searching engine. This platform is established by Coway Licensing Team, one division of Coway International Co, Ltd, one of leading technology Transfer Company based on Tsinghua University . All the listed patents that can be licensed and commercialized are screened and calcified by Coway professionals from the top university or research institutions like Tsinghua University , Beijing University and Chinese Academy of Science etc. Based on PLG, customized services like patent sourcing assist filling, patentee investigation and licensing etc. are also provided to push on international IP cooperation. Since it is the first database collecting outstanding market-oriented patents from top research organizations, it is expected to become a more efficient and convenient Express for international IP collaboration between China and the world in the near future.

Contact Spring Lee at or link. for further info.


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