Aerogel carbon nanotube and its preparation method and application
Aerogel carbon nanotube and its preparation method and application
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C01B 31/02, B82B 3/00
Tsinghua University
Wei Fei, Zhang Qiang, Zhou Weiping, Xu Guanghui, Yang Zhou, Qian Weizhong, Luo Guohua
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Aerogel, carbon nanotube, preparation, application
The invention discloses an aerogel carbon nanometer pipe and preparing method and application in the new typed nanometer material preparing technological domain, which is composed of dispersed carbon nanometer pipe or carbon nanometer pipe beam, wherein the diameter of carbon nanometer pipe or carbon nanometer pipe beam is between 1 nm and 100 um with long diameter between 101 and 106 and piling density between 0.1 and 100g/L. the preparing method comprises the following steps: grinding sample of carbon nanometer pipe beam or array through force; dispersing in the gas phase; sedimenting; grading to collect product. The invention can be heat and electric conductive material or organic macromolecular, inorganic, metal base, which improves dynamical toughness.

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