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Three-dimension self-support swing type high-precision step piezoelect... 01144192
Method for preparing bismuth ferrite based multifunctioanl oxide ceram... 200710099070
Zirconium based nitrogen oxide adsorbent and regeneration method there... 200410000292
Hole resonance tunnel-through diode based on Si/SiGe 200410006243
A multi-mode automatic recognition method for multi-mode training sequ... 200710099074
Wind and water combined fluidized bed slag cooler 200410062262
Lithium bromide absorption type refrigerator suitable for large temp d... 01115340
Mini-field electron transmitting device 200610061707
Miniature pendulum internal combustion engine with variable compressio... 02117081
Solar energy semiconductor air conditioning system 200410078138
Quick word mean debug method based on baiable carry coding technology 200410009463
Low voltage micro liquid drop control device 200410057319
Diamond turning method and device for Archimedean spiral type Fresnel ... 200610088865
Rigidity and damp adjustable air spring vibration isolator 200510011614
Electrode substrate for organic light-emitting display device 200610098143
Diazo coupling process of polymer to synthesize high molecular epoxy r... 00124423
High molecule/calcium carbonate nanometer particles, functional partic... 200510115771
Nano transparent insulating paint and its preparing process 200710075879
Method of increasing property of bismuth sodium titanate base lead-fre... 200710099954
Growth method for single-wall carbon nano-tube 200610061618
Production of tetrodotoxin by microbiological fermentation 200510002904

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