Rapid sub-pixel motion estimation method based on prediction direction correction / statistic prejudgement
Rapid sub-pixel motion estimation method based on prediction direction correction / statistic prejudgement
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H04N 7/32
Tsinghua University
He Yun, Chen Zhibo
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Rapid, sub-pixel motion, estimation method, prediction direction correction / statistic prejud
The invention belongs to video coding field in signal processing, relating to a fast sub-pixel motion estimating method based on prediction direction correction/statistic prediction, mainly in sub-pixel motion estimations of 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc, using the result of the preceding stage search precision motion estimation as well as the statistic information at current precision to predict the current stage motion vector and introducing a search cut-off criterion. At the same time of keeping the coding rate distortion characteristics of existing techniques, it extremely reduces operating complexity of sub-pixel motion estimation in hardware and software. It is not limited to H.264 international standard, but able to expanded to other applications to international standard and non-international standard video coding.

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