Process for preparing phenolic resin hollow fibre film for auxiliary respirator
Process for preparing phenolic resin hollow fibre film for auxiliary respirator
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A61M 1/18, A61M 16/00, B01D 69/08, B01D 71/38
Tsinghua Univ.
Cui Fuzhai, Wang Xiaohong, Feng Qingling
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preparing process, phenolic resin, hollow fibre film, auxiliary respirator
The present invention belongs to the field of bioengineering material technology. PVB material and phenolic resin in the weight ratio of 1 to 1-10 are mixed and dissolved in methanol to prepare 8-28 % concentration solution; the solution is produced into spinning dope through reduced pressure distillation, filtering and debubbling; and the spinning dope is further produced into hollow phenolic resin fiber film through stretching, carbonation, strengthening, toughening, anticoagulation and other specific steps. The material is non-toxic, has no toxic side effect, and may be used clinically; and it may be used in auxiliary respirator for extraneous and intracorporal use.

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