Over-all wiring method for standard units based on optimized time delay and key network techniques
Over-all wiring method for standard units based on optimized time delay and key network techniques
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G06F 17/50
Qinghua Univ
Hong Xianlong, Jing Tong, Bao Haiyun
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Over-all wiring method, standard units, optimized time delay, key network techniques
An over-all wiring method for standard units with optimized time delay includes creating over-all wiring diagram, configuring initial wiring tree with the shortest length, configuring key network composed of key pins, key sides and the weight, virtual source point and convergent point of each orientative side, reconfiguring the wiring tree from a group of sides with minimal division for reducing time delay, comparing the given delay data with optimized delay, and iterating to obtain wiring tree of over-all network.

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