Stuffing-throwing fluidized bed membrane bioreactor and water treating method
Stuffing-throwing fluidized bed membrane bioreactor and water treating method
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C02F 3/08
Tsinghua Univ.
Huang Xia, Mo Wei, Wen Xianghua
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Stuffing-throwing, fluidized bed, membrane bioreactor, water treating method
The present invention relates to water, including waste water, treating technology. Stuffing with certain specific surface area is thrown into reactor and under sufficient aeration condition and the action of gas density difference, inflecting board and cyclone, the triphase of solid, liquid and gas inside the reactor reaches fluidized state and forms cyclonic circulation. the adsorption and growth of microbes on the stuffing results in even high organic matter eliminating efficiency and the stuffing has certain adsorption to soluble organic matter in water. The suspended microbes in the bioreactor and those in the surface of membrane are reduced. The present invention is especially suitable for use in relatively lower organic matter density. Compared with traditional membrane bioreactor, the present invention can avoid the pollution to membrane and make system operate more stably and at lower power consumption.

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