Integrated vehicle with mobile power station for special use
Integrated vehicle with mobile power station for special use
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B62D 63/02
Tsinghua Univ.
Xie Shengzhi, Zhou Ming, Li Jin
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Integrated vehicle, mobile power station, special use
The present invention relates to the structure design of integrated vehicle with mobile power station for special use. The present invention features that one power take off is set at the flywheel of electrically controlled diesel engine and power generator and hydraulic transmission system providing motive force for the power generator are set below carriage so as to generate power while the vehicle stops or runs. The present invention makes the engine possess two uses, and this can reduce manufacture and run cost while making vehicle meet some special requirement. In addition, the use of hydraulic transmission system can reduce the fluctuation of power generator in rotation speed and make it possible to provide electricity for some electric equipment uninterruptedly in running.

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