Integrated liquid column spraying fume desulfurizing and dust eliminating method and apparatus
Integrated liquid column spraying fume desulfurizing and dust eliminating method and apparatus
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B01D 53/78, B01D 47/06
Tsinghua Univ.
Xiang Guangming, Yao Qiang, Chen Changhe
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Integrated, liquid column spraying, fume, desulfurizing, dust eliminating
The present invention features that fume desulfuration and dedusting are combined into one integral. While fume is made to enter from the lower part of reactor tower in the tangent direction, water flow is injected from the upper part of the tower to eliminate dust of fume. There are nozzles inside the reactor tower to make fume mix and react to form calcium sulfite and calcium sulfate. Concentrated ash slurry after forced oxidation is drained while dilute ash slurry and un-reacted and newly added desulfurizing agent are re-sprayed. Compared with available technology, the present invention has small floor area, low cost and high desulfurizing and dedusting efficiency.

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Process and system for desulfurizing fume by two-stage liquid column spray

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