Miniature navigation system based on micro electromechanical techn.
Miniature navigation system based on micro electromechanical techn.
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G01C 21/08, G01C 21/12
Qinghua Univ.
Zhou Zhaoying, Zhu Rong, Wang Guanglong
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Miniature navigation system, micro electromechanical techn.
The invented miniature navigational system comprises several sensors, A/D converter, microprocessor, PC machine and RS232 standard serial interface, which is characterized by that the described sensor is formed by three-axis silicon microaccelerometer and its peripheral circuit and three-axis magnetometer and its peripheral circuit. Besides, it also comprises signal processing and display software modules prestored in the described microprocessor and PC machine. Said invention can obtain all attitude informations of moving carrier, and features full solid structure, small valume, light weight, low power consumption, quick starting and low cost.

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