Mass polymerization and particle filter out process for preparing artificial cornea
Mass polymerization and particle filter out process for preparing artificial cornea
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A61F 2/14, A61L 27/14
Qinghua Univ.
Hu Ping, Gao Feng, Xu Bo
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Mass polymerization, particle filter out, artificial cornea
Artificial cornea preparing process includes the first mixing of primer, crosslinking agent and biologically compatible polymer monomer into mixed solution; pressing water soluble ion as pore creating agent into hollow cylinder; and applying the hollow cylinder and the mixed solution into a sealed reactor connector to react for a certain period while introducing protective nitrogen gas. The artificial cornea of the present invention needs no further adhesion and suture in use, is less likely to fall off and has adjustable optical center. It has good biological compatibility and results in no negative reaction after being planted into eye.

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