Lens of biochip scanning-detecting system
Lens of biochip scanning-detecting system
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G02B 11/34
Tsinghua Univ
Huang Guoliang, Cheng Jing, Zhou Yuxiang
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Lens, biochip, scanning-detecting system
The invention relates to the laser-focused lens and the fluorescence convergent lens as well as the confocal lens group formed from the said two lenses. The laser-focused lens includes seven lenses, which are in sequence: the convex J1, the concave-convex lens J2, the convex J3, the concave J4, the convex J5, the concave, and meniscus lens. The said lenses are arranged the axle wire. The J1 is glued to the J2, and the J3 is glued to the J4. The invented lens and group provides the features of simple structure, and longer working distance. It makes the biological chip scanning and detecting system increase sensitivity and the scan resolution.

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