Single-pitch non-axial-symmetrical vibration membrane type micromotor with piezoelectric membrane
Single-pitch non-axial-symmetrical vibration membrane type micromotor with piezoelectric membrane
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H02N 2/10, H02N 2/12
Qinghua Univ
Chu Xiangcheng, Li Longtu, Yuan Songmei
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Single-pitch, non-axial-symmetrical, vibration membrane type, micromotor, piezoelectric membrane
The invention relates to a piezoelectric diaphragm micro-motor of non-axial symmetry vibration mode with single pitch diameter, that belongs to the technical field of piezoelectric micro-motor. The characteristics are as follows: It includes stator, hollow tube, rotor, central shaft, pretightening-force adjusting mechanism and sub-support. The stator consists of thin metal disc and piezoelectric ceramics diaphragm that is bonded on the said disc and can be continuously energized in electrode partition areas in circumferencial direction clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The hollow tube is symmetrically fixed at the center of the stator. The rotors are located on the two ends of the hollow tube. Shaft-output type motor is formed when lower rotor connects to the central shaft as one body. Rotor-output type motor is formed when the lower rotor supports the central shaft. The invented motor possesses both merits of rod shape and piezoelectric diaphragm micro-motor and has features of simple polarizing techniques, easy for miniaturization but without affecting the output moment.

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