Optical system with aberration correcting lens for optical head
Optical system with aberration correcting lens for optical head
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G11B 7/12, G11B 7/135
Qinghua Univ.
Jia Weipu, Gong Mali, Yan Ping
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Optical system, aberration correcting lens, optical head
The present invention relates to an optical system of laser optical disk optical head, which comprises laser light source, plate beamsplitter, imaging lens, detection lens, photodetector and diffraction grating for three-beam tracking method. It is characterized by that between light source and plate beamsplitter an aberration correcting lens for correcting and compensating coma and other aberration produced by light beam which is passed through the plate beamsplitter is added. As compared with existent technology, it has no need of adopting large-volume, high-cost and difficult to make prism, and the plate beamsplitter can be placed at arbitrary angle in the optical circuit, so that said system not only is simple in working, mounting and regulation, but also can flexibly arrange optical circuit.

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