Frequency-stabilizing device of fiber-optical grating external cavity semiconductor laser and its frequency-stabilizing method
Frequency-stabilizing device of fiber-optical grating external cavity semiconductor laser and its frequency-stabilizing method
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G02F 1/00, H01S 5/068, H01S 5/0687, H04J 14/00
Qinghua Univ.
Zhao Huafeng, Xue Lin, Zhang Hanyi
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Frequency-stabilizing, fiber-optical, grating, external cavity, semiconductor laser
The invention relates to a technique field of frequency stabilization of laser light source. It consists of laser source, acetylene gas absorption chamber, and servo-feedback controller. The laser source as a semiconductor laser with optical fiber grating outer cavity is composed of semiconductor laser tube core in quanta trap F-P type and an optical fiber grating. A reflection reducing coating is coated on the coupling end surface of the tube core and optical fiber grating. The other end of the optical fiber grating is linked to a collimator. There are two pieces of piezoelectric ceramics end to end on the two ends of the optical fiber grating. The two input ends of phase locking amplifier in the servo-feedback controller are connected to the output end of light sensor and sine signal source respectively. The one end of the signal source and the high voltage drive are connected to a phase locking amplifier; with the other end connected to said two pieces of piezoelectric ceramics. There is an isolator and a partial reflector located on the optical path between the collimator and the acetylene gas absorption chamber. The invention possesses the advantages of higher stability in frequency, very narrow laser line-width as well as simple structure and higher stability in mechanics.

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