Conducting fiber containing nano car bon tube and its prepn. method
Conducting fiber containing nano car bon tube and its prepn. method
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D01F 1/09, D01F 6/62
Tsinghua Univ.
Huang Yi, Luo Guohua, Wei Fei
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Conducting fiber, nano car bon tube, prepn. method
A conducting fiber containing carbon nm tubes includes the following three components polyester, carbon nm tube and coupler with the weight ration of polyester 80-94.9, carbon nm tube 0.05-10, the coupler 0.05-10. The three components are prepared to conducting fibers via mix, extrusion and fiber spinning having the composite shapes of interlayer, sheath-core and island, characterizing in utilizing the fine conductivity of the carbon nm tubes and extremely length-diameter ratio to prepare conducting fibers, Special coupler is selected to strongthen the interaction of carbon nm tube and the polyerter to open the coacervates of the tube in the blend process by cutting.

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