Oxidation reactor for preparing titanium white through chlorination process, and method
Oxidation reactor for preparing titanium white through chlorination process, and method
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C01G 23/047
Tsinghua Univ.
Cheng Yi, Liu Zhe, Wei Fei, Jin Yong
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chlorination, prepare, titanium white, oxidation reactor, method
This invention discloses oxidation reactor and method for preparing TiO2 by chlorination. The reactor comprises a combustion chamber, a shell of reacting zone, and a shell of developing zone. A TiCl4 inflow pipe is inserted vertically into the shell of the reacting zone, and is bent 90 degrees to form an L-shaped pipe towards the shell of the developing zone. A nozzle is fixed on the end of the L-shaped pipe, and on the same axis of the shells. A cool air entrance is at the connecting part of the shells. The right side of the shell of the developing zone is connected with the flow exit. The tangential and radial TiCl4 cyclone jets can be formed at the axes to mix TiCl4 gas and hot oxygen and react fast and uniformly. The mixing effect can be ameliorated by controlling the relative momentum of the TiCl4 jet. Cool air is applied to blow the nozzle to prevent blockage. The cool air introduced from the connecting part of the shells is applied to control the rection, reduce and scar formation on the reactor wall, and adjust the particle size distribution.

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