Mechanics & Manufacture
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Integrated vehicle with mobile power station for special use 02116680
Variable magnetic force adsorbing unit for wall clamping robot 02117080
Miniature pendulum internal combustion engine with variable compression ratio 02117081
Self-cleaning gas-liquid reactor with three-phase spray bed 02117348
Bidirectionally rotational ultrasonic motor with multiple groups of piezoelectri... 01144190
Three-dimension self-support swing type high-precision step piezoelectric ultras... 01144192
Articulation coxae driving structure device for anthropomorphic robot 01144583
Ankle joint driving structure device for anthropomorphic robot 01144584
Sliding type ball-shaped hinge 200710163212
Low-voltage driven piezoelectric motor 200710177966
Plane parallel mechanism with constrained branched chain and its widening robot ... 200710177514
Flexible control system and method for vehicle diesel engine 00121440
Electrically controlled dual-fuel automobile engine system refitted from mechani... 00132753
Self-balancing mechanism of macrotype radio astronomy telescope source-feed loca... 200710122572
Linear motor cooler 200710120828
Steel-ball collision-type coupler 200710100318
Sliding type spherical hinge 200710121179
Solid oxide electrolytic cell high temperature electrochemical property test dev... 200710121789
Shape memory alloy differential spring driven manipulator 200410000722
Minisize aircraft 200410008742
Material mixing system 200410103487
Stayed cable shock attenuation device 200410009969
Permanent magnet like magnetic pole attracting each other test instrument 200410101825
Synchronous sintering process for electronic beam selection zone and three dimen... 200410009948
Integrated hinge unit 200410000008
A rotary columnar ultrasound micro-motor of flexural vibration mode 200410101573
Piezoelectric ceramic metal composite plate in-plane vibration linear ultrasound... 200410101574

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