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Bragg grating with new sampling structure for compensating dispersion and polari... 02103383
Lens of biochip scanning-detecting system 01115426
Tumble angle measuring method and measurer 01130893
Optical add drop filter 01821770
Optical system with aberration correcting lens for optical head 01136039
Gradient field fluorescence correlation spectrometer 01142027
Light add and drop multiplexer for multi-wave length adaptive light power equali... 01136574
Frequency-stabilizing device of fiber-optical grating external cavity semiconduc... 01136575
Optical fiber grating tuner 01136576
Regulation method for making lowest point of reflective spectrum of polarized su... 01136667
Phase-modulated polarized surface plasma wave sensor 01136668
Process for preparing optical fibre based on single-mode optical fibre to implem... 01136672
Adaptive surface plasma wave gas refractivity sensor 01134380
2D concentric lens rotator for optical measurement 01144187
Optical fibre raster with sine chirp structure 01144579
Optical fiber parametric amplifier 200710177064
Wavelength calibration method of optical spectrum instruments 200710177242
Method and special microscopic device for measuring size of fibre 00105546
Navigation mark lamp unit and its uses 200710117721
Two-dimensional photon crystal polarization beam dividing device 200410101823
Two-dimensional photor crystal polarization beam dividing device 200410101822
Laser target simulator 200310122487
Range length limited encodig input method for photocoloring multiple gradient op... 200310121702
Dual wavelength combination pumping method for batten-shaped laser gain medium a... 200310117182
Displacement self-sensing HeNe laser system with cats eye as endoscope 200310115540
Frequency splitting and mode competition teaching test laser system 200410062257
High precision method and device for measuring wave plate phase delay 200310117382

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