Electronic & Automation
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Ultrasonic micro-motor with piezo column of electric conductive shaft and method... 02100687
Plume type ultrasonic motor drive power supply with wide frequencies and high st... 02104182
Photoelectric torque sensor for vehicle 02116308
Voltage compensating method of serially connected electrical energy quality comp... 02117082
Process for treating substrate of epitaxial chip for high-brightness gallium nit... 02117329
Alignment method of array optical probe scanning integrated circuit photoetching... 03153502
Miniature navigation system based on micro electromechanical techn. 01110135
Single layer organic electroluminescent device and its preparation method 01115563
Drive method and circuit for organic electroluminescent display 01115644
Flexible organic electroluminescent device 01115645
Method for preparing high-performance aluminium nitride powder by means of combu... 01129219
LCD projector 01120137
Array type optical probe scanning IC photoetching method 01120598
Scanner with array light source for IC photo etching system 01120600
Alignment method and apparatus for array type optical probe scanning IC photoetc... 01123501
Multi-stage electric capacitance deionizer 01129623
Method for generating control pulses of electric or electronic equipment 01136252
Soft start circuit of DC/DC switching power supply with voltage compensation 01136253
Wavelength-modulated polarized surface plasma wave sensor 01136673
Reader-writer for three-layer multi-order colour DVD 01134740
Multiple CD positioning and clamping mechanism 01140451
Linear-array light source for photoetching scanner of array-type integrated circ... 01144580
Standing-wave ultrasonic motor rotating bidirectionally 01138137
Contact type position switch capable of eliminating step accumulative error of t... 01145368
Organic electroluminescent device and its prepn. 200710122042
Organic electroluminescent material and application thereof 200710152262
Micro-machinery switch low stress silicon oxynitride membranes preparation metho... 200710176081

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