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Rapid sub-pixel motion estimation method based on prediction direction correctio... 200410000741
Over-all wiring method for standard units based on optimized time delay and key ... 02100354
High speed routing search system based on content addressable memory 02100458
Center type radio telecommunicaltion system for Ether local network 02100710
Network bandwidth adaptive multimedia transmission system 02103433
Reactive power measuring method based on digital filtering 02116443
Digital measuring method of frequency and phase 02116885
Onhook/offhook controller for intelligent telephone 02117003
Queue management method for message forwarding system 02117077
Bandspread communication network system in low-voltage distribution network and ... 02117085
Intelligent domestic network system bus interface unit 02117322
Method and system for computer conversion between Chinese audio and video parame... 02117330
Anti-attenuation method based on code flow rearrangement in wireless multimedia ... 01102208
Method and device for decreasing peak nean power ratio in multi-carrier communic... 01102211
Parallel interferences cancel tester of join judge part 01102227
Programmable video signal processor structure based on mixed video encoding meth... 01102228
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplex multi-carrier modulation method for digi... 01115515
Software module interface designing and confirming method based on spatial analy... 01118356
Frame sync generating method in ground digital multimedia TV broad cast system 01130659
Channel encoding modulation method adopting hierarchial block product code 01130938
Automatic conversion method from Chinese braille to Chinese character 01118674
Automatic conversion method from Chinese to braille 01118675
Off-line speech network communication equipment 01120433
Intelligent Chinese computer system for the blind 01129619
Optical add and drop multiplexer with adaptive light power equalization function... 01141720
Signal phase discriminating method in state transferring sequential logic 01142025
Quasi-synchronous master-slave remote education information management system an... 01142026

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