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Stuffing-throwing fluidized bed membrane bioreactor and water treating method 02104180
Process for treating sewage with zeolite filler in aerated biologic filter pool ... 02116307
Rarefied-burning automobile exhaust gas catalyzing and purifying method and appa... 02117084
Integrated liquid column spraying fume desulfurizing and dust eliminating method... 01109634
Method and apparatus for reducing exhaustion of nitrogen oxides from coal-fired ... 01118155
Membrane distillation type water treating apparatus using solar energy or afterh... 01120437
Electric disk-style deionizing water purifier 200520022937
Electric deionization method used for recovering noble metal waste water and its... 200710063290
Method for preparing soft water by electro-deionization and its device 97116340
Green light energy water-cleaning method and its equipment 01129739
Method for preparing haydite by sintering urban domestic sewage sludge 200710121297
New use of fuel coal desulphurizing magnesium slag and method for tackling deser... 200710121790
Electrical sludge-dewatering equipment with horizontal electric field 00109626
Filter material and filter for reverse spray to regenerate carbon smoke filter 00109804
Semi-dry fume-purifying linear pulse electron beam method 00109849
Garbage pretreating process and pretreater for garbage incinerating fluidized be... 00109873
Comprehensive garbage incinerating tail gas purifying method and equipment 00109874
Liquid column spray process and system with pH value regulator for desulfurizing... 00123471
Process and system for desulfurizing fume by two-stage liquid column spray 00123472
Non-noble metal catalyst for catalytic wet oxidation and its preparation method 00129947
Method and system of controlling generation and diffusion of dioxin and heavy me... 00130047
Biological sensor of oxygen amount needed biochemically 00132125
In-situ renovation method for biomass strengthen salt-alkali contaminated soil 200710119859
Multifunctional diving slurry pump 200710119274
Automatic remote monitoring system based on wireless communication network 200610098957
Mobile electron beam irradiation sterilizing installation 200610127018
Zirconium based nitrogen oxide adsorbent and regeneration method thereof 200410000292

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