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Low pressure combustion process of synthesizing alpha-phase silicon nitride powd... 02100183
Organic electroluminescent material 02100371
Alkyl cyclohexyl alkyne type liquid crystal and its production process 02100499
Photochromic diaryl ethylene compound and its prepn and use 02100500
Bipyridine diaryl ethylene compounds and preparation and application thereof 02100682
Lysotropic-photodiscolour diaryl ethylene and preparation and application thereo... 02100683
Process for preparing Fe-series catalyst used to synthesize nano carbon tubes 02100709
Process for preparing spherical V2O5 and lithium vanadate as anode material of L... 02116311
Electroluminescent organic material and its application 02116538
Process for preparing calcium magnesium acetate by vacuum distillation method 02117083
High water absorbency resin and its preparation method 03148511
Process for preparing polymerized ink powder of laser printer 01100106
Surface cladding and radical function modification method of magnetic microspher... 01109870
Membrane dispersion process of preparing superfine particle 01115332
Method for preparing CO poisoning resisting platinum-ruthenium electro-catalyst 01118132
Components and preparing process of VHF plate sensor material 01120531
Polyurethane material for optical orientating layer of LCD and its preparing pro... 01129616
Process and equipment for preparing iron vitriol using coal-series pyrite as raw... 01129693
Process for preparing temp-sensitive porous poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) aqueoge... 01129696
Process for preparing electrode carrier catalyst of fuel battery 01129697
Nano green toughened paint 01129738
Process for preparing aluminate-base fluorescent powder 01130655
Photoluminescent spherical porous ceramic material with ultra-long afterglow and... 01130656
Prepn process of mesoporous TiO2 powder as photocatalyst by using polyglycol as ... 01131113
Process for preparing high-response porous sensitive aqueogel 01129694
Process for preparing artificial cornea by filtering out expanded polymer partic... 01129695
Prepn process of fluororubber modified polyacrylate emulsion 01131115

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