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Method for synthesizing zirconium oxide nano wire 02100261
Process for directly synthesizing ultra-long single-wall continuous nano carbon ... 02100684
Process for synthesizing nano linear carbon array 02104179
Nano-class conversion fluorescence material on fluoride matrix and its preparing... 02116679
Method of utilizing external force to crush, wash and purify slender carbon nano... 02117419
Process for preparing nm-class calcium carbonate 01103944
Surface nano modifying method for micrometer granule 01104496
Method for producing high brightness wide view angle free scale nanometer type o... 01115478
High brightness wide view angle free scale nanometer type image screen 01115479
Process and reactor for continuously preparing nm carbon tubes with fluidized be... 01118349
Process for prepairng granularity controllable nm-class zirconium oxide 01130825
Process for preparing nm crystal TiO2 photocatalyst carried by metallic wire scr... 01131093
Nanometer alpha-nickel hydroxide and its preparation 01129615
Nm-class polishing liquid and its preparing process 00133674
High-voltage static atomizing preparing technique for nano-grade cellulosic mate... 200710120293
Sulfonic acid functional macromolecular/SiO2 composite nano-particles and proces... 200410000747
Process for preparing carboxyl functional macromolecular/SiO2 composite nano-par... 200410000746
Reverse micelle method for preparing FePt alloy nanoparticles 200410000723
Carbon nano tube pressure sensor and pressure sensing method thereof 200410026540
Nano carbon tube detecting and qualitative classifying method based on photocond... 200410101814
High flux biochip and application thereof 200410088889
Synthesis method of iron nanotube array 200410098946
Crosslinked core-shell structure nano-polymer microsphere and its preparation me... 200410056806
B6O nanowire and crystal whisker structure and its preparation method 200410009238
Carboxyl functional polymer/SiO2 composite nanometer particle and preparing meth... 200310121706
Method for preparing nano dot array of controllable unit size using nano ball te... 200410083939
Polymer fiber containing carbon nano tube structure 200410070172

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