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Layer inflation compression combustion method and device for gasoline engine 02100259
Indirectly evaporating cold supply method and device 02100431
Air-water heat exchanger by countercurrent to make temp. difference same to effe... 02100432
Ice channel for storing cold and heat exchanger integrated equipment 02117332
Combustion apparatus with cross-section variable circulating fluidized bed 01109051
Heat pump air conditioners suitable for cold area 01109633
Lithium bromide absorption type refrigerator suitable for large temp differnece ... 01115340
A circulating fluidized bed process for cleaning fume by adding iron ash and its... 01115484
Substitute refrigerant for freon-12 centrifugal cold water machine set 01120436
Glass-metal vacuum solar heat-collecting tube and its production method 01118394
Combined power generator of high temperature heat source-oxygen concentration ce... 01120134
Efficient electrolyzer and its water-burning unit 01144510
Coating for selective absorption of sunlight spectrum 01138135
Directly spraying petrol engine combustion camber in cylinder 200710175266
Fuel cell voltage attenuation quick determination method and device 200710176444
Microcrystal glass sealing material used for solid oxide fuel battery and sealin... 200710118113
Non-passive safety driving mechanism applied to high temperature gas cooled reac... 200710177470
Method for realizing waterpower homogeneity under central heating system switchi... 200710177967
High temp gas cooled reactor heat-exchanger equipment 00105959
Modular cold/heat supply roof plates with ventilation port, water source and rad... 00120764
Modular cold/heat supplying roof plates with water source and radiation 00120766
Refrigerant for medium and low temperature refrigeration or air conditioner heat... 00121158
Refrigerant 00121159
Refrigerant for middle- or low-temp refrigerating system 00121160
Air-conditioner tail end equipment capable of simulating natural wind 00123764
Digital reactor protecting system based on parallel hardware and software treatm... 00130297
Method and equipment for regulating peak of electric power 00134617

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