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Mass polymerization and particle filter out process for preparing artificial cor... 01110278
Radio system and device for sampling image in biology body cavity 200710177086
Bionic anklebone 200710178138
Use of serum beta 2-glucoprotein I functional peptide segment for preparing thro... 200410006396
Method for preparation of repairing porous frame used for tissue and organ by a ... 00105637
Manufacture of porous holder for repairing tissue and organ 00105638
Medicine for treating AIDS and its preparing method 00123483
Preparation method of liposome with high encapsulating rate to water soluble med... 200410096075
Human body composition detecting method 200410033769
Process for chemical modification of microcapsule algal toxin LR and complete an... 200410096072
Preparation method of multi-porous chitosan used for adipose tissue engineering 200410049732
Curve swing head supersonic mciro motor composed of multiple piezoelectric lamin... 200410071152
Implantation body protective equipment for bone implantation type artificial lim... 200310115549
Method for identifying medicinal materials using characteristic atlas 200410068847
Multiple index component fingerprint atlas for Chinese medicine and its construc... 200410058532
Capillary liquid phase chromatographic column and its preparing method 200410077960
Near infrared tissue non-destructive testing method for blood transportation par... 200310115396
Multiple wavelength Chinese traditional medicine chromatogram fingerprint, fabri... 200310103862
Method for detecting newborn baby partial tissue oxygen saturation under oxygen ... 200310113534
Preparing method for growth factor slow-releasing system for tissue repair 200410048040
Neutral and variable sites of cytomembrane protein M2 of influenza virus and the... 200410046103
Method for determining trace of human movement 200410009171
Catheter material used for repairing peripheral nerve 200310101675
Portable signal generating method and system based on USB mobile memory tech 200410030789
Reagent kit for forecasting susceptibility of intolerance type dementia preaecox... 200310122497
Method for preparing oral slow/coutrolled release medicinal micro granule 200310102259
SARS virus resisting siRNA and its application 200310101734

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