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Process for preparing phenolic resin hollow fibre film for auxiliary respirator 02100265
Carboplatin precursor liposome injection and preparing process thereof 02100554
Method for obtaining secondary metabolism product of broomrape by using biotechn... 02116242
Rare earth nano particle for biological material label and its preparing method ... 01109551
Biological electro-machinal chip and application thereof 01111111
Method of preparing oil-phase oral insulin preparation 01115327
Microscopic single cell sample cutting method and system 01123502
Transcription factor from prunella asiatica, gene coding said factor and method ... 01123827
Method of detecting biomolecule with high sensitivity 01141417
Wheat TaDREB, its code gene and method for culturing adverse-resistant plant 01136569
Method for high production of microorganism grease by stuffing batch culture 200710121211
Epitope vaccine of hog cholera virus and its preparing process 200710176124
Method for detecting pig plague virus specific antibody and its ELISA reagent ki... 200710176125
Antibiotic agent for textile and preparation method and application thereof 200710076849
Extract and mechanical properties measurement method of bone trabecula and measu... 200710177994
Integrated microarray device 00109792
Epitope vaccine of hog cholera virus and its preparing process 00121292
Method for producing saussurea involucrate secondary metabolites 200710121086
High-density ferment method for petroleum hydrocarbon degradation bacterium 200710119858
Method for screening SARS coronaviruses main Protease inhibitors from natural pr... 200710065119
New method for screening HCV-NS5B protein inhibitor from Chinese herb medicines ... 200710065245
Novel methods for high efficiency and rapid getting fine three dimensional struc... 200710087457
Production method of 7-amino cephalosporanic acid 200410039573
Combination gene probe for detecting iron oxidizing bacteria and detecting metho... 200410097123
Biochip based method for detecting nucleic acid conjugated protein 200410090423
Combination gene probe for sulphate reduction pronucleus bioinstrumentation and ... 200410086710
Process for preparing 1,3-propylene glycol through oxidation reduction potential... 200410086573

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