Carboplatin precursor liposome injection and preparing process thereof
Carboplatin precursor liposome injection and preparing process thereof
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A61K 31/282, A61K 9/127, A61P 35/00
Tsinghua Univ.
Luo Guo''an, Zhang Qi, Wang Yiming
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Carboplatin precursor, liposome injection, preparing process
A carboplatin precursor liposome injection in the form of solid is prepared from carboplatin, phosphatide, cholesterol sodium chloride, freeze drying protecting agent, organic solvent and distilled water through proportioning, dissolving carboplatin in distilled water, adding sodium chloride to obtain aqueous solution of carboplatin, dissolving phosphatide and cholesterol in organic solent, quickly injecting it in said aqueous solution of carboplatin, volatilizing organic solvent, adding freeze drying protecting agent, stirring and vacuum freeze drying. Its advantage is lower toxic by-effect.

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