Queue management method for message forwarding system
Queue management method for message forwarding system
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H04L 12/56, H04Q 3/00
Tsinghua Univ
Wu Jianping, Zhang Miao
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Queue management method, message forwarding system
A quene management method for providing proportional drop rate used in the message forwarding system is characterized by using "weighted simple self-adaptive proportion controller" algorithm in a process of acquisition of transcient quene length to calculate message drop or label probability. The said algorithm is composed of two parts: 1 a fundamental algorithm of using quene controller to calculate the probobilty of message and in line with its kind to use related probability to drop or label the message through the gate; 2 with the adaptive algorithm, adjusting dynamically the parameter avg p namely the average value of the probability used in the fundamental algorithm. The experiment on a PC Intel P 111800 with network analog ns-2 has testified that it's easy to be realized with low cost is computing, simple parameter set, broad adaptability and automatically fit the variation of the network environment without changing parameter set.

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Queue management method providing proportional drop-out rate discrimination for message forwarding system

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